Investment & Development


A detailed understanding of the performance of the market and the buildings across the region enable us to articulate to buyers the real opportunity that a particular property or location presents, in terms of its tenant appeal, rental potential and where extra value can be added, which others may miss.

Investment Acquisitions

Working seamlessly alongside our carefully selected niche investment agency partners, we offer clients an informed service identifying and acquiring new investment and development opportunities. By identifying the future hot spots based on our unique market knowledge and ability to identify emerging trends we secure exciting opportunities ahead of the market

Investment Disposals

We are able to credibly promote to interested parties the key benefits and opportunities of a building, its location and its rental and capital growth potential. The relationships we have built up over 25 years operating in the region enable us to identify potential purchasers sooner and judge who is most likely to perform. There are few agents who have such a detailed knowledge of the region and the credible and objective feedback we can give enables us to effectively ‘de-risk’ the investment decision so that the purchasers can be more comfortable in their bid and more likely to perform.

Track Record

We can point to a number of well-known funds and property companies who have used our services and have achieved great results. Some of the clients we advise include:
Threadneedle, Moorfield Group, AEW, Tosca Fund, GE Real Estate, Cordatus, Boultbee Brooks, Aurum Real Estate, Claymore Group, Berwick Hill, Pinpoint Properties and Kingsbridge Estates.