How RARE helped

We identified ‘off market’ a 65,000 sq ft business park which had alternative use potential as well as having existing income whilst planning was obtained

We have exchanged today and delighted to have secured tis investment ahead of the market – thank you

Altitude Finance

Business Objectives

  • To seek advantage in a highly competitive trading environment by identifying investment opportunities ahead of being widely marketed.
  • Provide client credibility who at the time had limited track record in the UK
  • Achieve a lower purchase.

What RARE did

  • RARE approached the seller direct and convinced them of the benefits of a sale and that our client was in a good position to perform.
  • Undertook due diligence to explore risks and justify alternative uses to under-pin the purchase price alongside the existing investment returns.
  • Packaged the deal to so that both parties were confident with the deliverability of the transaction.

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Track Record

A selection of some of our successful deals.