How RARE helped

Lease events at 3 offices within the Theo Paphitis Group created an opportunity to move all under one roof and improve communication, upgrade accommodation and generate cost efficiencies.

Thank you for your hard work in getting the show on the road and finding us the St Georges Property.

Theo Paphitis – Chairman

Business Objectives

  • Bringing divisions together would enhance the management of the business through better communication brought about by interaction between the teams and sharing of services.
  • An office move would create an opportunity to introduce new work styles and an improved working environment to ultimately benefit the business.
  • Notice needed to be served imminently on their existing offices but not before they were certain of their new destination.
  • Location was key as they wanted to remain SW London and Wimbledon area to benefit from the availability of a skilled local workforce, however office supply was very limited and rents rising fast.

What RARE did

  • As the choice of space was limited we canvassed local occupiers and identified office space that wasn’t openly being marketed yet.
  • The existing space was fitted out to a high specification and so we negotiated that the layout and furniture remain so as to ensure a smooth move and enable significant CAPEX savings to be achieved.
  • A flexible lease with periodic break clauses was negotiated so as to enable the company to manage future growth, as strategically a further move was envisaged in the future, into owned space.

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Track Record

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