How RARE helped

Wimbledon based business wanted to be closer to their clients and business partners who were already based in the Thames Valley.

Thanks for all your guidance and involvement on this, RARE found us a great platform from which to grow the business.

Chris Page – CFO Connect 44

Business Objectives

  • An office move would enable the business to grow to the next stage by working closer with their core client who were based in Reading.
  • Wanted to ensure retention of existing staff as much as possible and attract new talent relevant to their business sector being technology recruitment.
  • Overheads to be kept low so as to ensure more re-investment into the business.

What RARE did

  • We undertook a postcode search to identify key personnel who might be effected and so as to pinpoint ideal locations along the Waterloo to Reading rail line.
  • Space needed to be near a rail station for ease of access to customers and staff and close to similar amenities which they benefitted from in Wimbledon.
  • A flexible lease with periodic break clauses and option to take further space was negotiated so as to enable the company to flex in situ.

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Track Record

A selection of some of our successful deals.